Roatan Zip Lines

Roatan Zip LineThere is no other adventure quite like zip lining on Roatan. You will feel like your gliding through the air like a bird in flight. What a great way to feel all that adrenaline rush. You can catch breath-taking sights of Roatan as you zip through the jungle canopy. You can expect to see parrots, macaws, iguanas and monkeys on your zip line tour of Roatan. Boa constrictors have also been seen sunning themselves in the jungle canopy of Roatan Honduras.

Roatan Zip Line MapZip line tours are small so no one feels rushed and can take time to enjoy each of the thrilling rides above the lush green forest of Roatan. Reservations are recommended but walks-ins are welcome. Please listen to your guide as he gives you instructions on how to put on your harness and tells you a little bit about each zip line ride you will be taking. Also let your guide handle attaching and detaching your harness from the zip line as you leave and land at each tree platform. There are 18 zip lines in all on the Roatan zip line tour.

Your guide will also tell you to please not attempt to do any tricks such as turning upside down or anything that might put yourself in danger. If you suffer from back problems, have neck or heart problems or are pregnant you should not participate in this event.Children must be 10 years of age to zip line. An adult must accompany children from the ages 10-15. There is a weight restriction to zip line, you must be between 70 to 250 lbs. and be in reasonably good shape.

WARNING: Zip lining after scuba diving is very dangerous. It is imperative that you do not zip line within 24 hours of your last dive. The sudden changes in altitude has triggered the bends. If your dive computer says you are safe to fly then you should be ready to zip line.

Roatan Zip Line Tour Information

Roatan Zip Lining ExcursionWhen zip lining you should wear comfortable non-restrictive clothing and tennis shoes or sandals with straps so there is no chance of them falling off during your zip lining experience. It is also suggested that you wear sunscreen and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun. Zip Lining in Roatan is run year round, rain or shine and is good for Individuals, groups, families, small parties and anyone just looking to have a good time and see a birds eye view of beautiful Roatan.

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