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Roatan HotelsThe island of Roatan has a wide variety of hotels scattered about the island. Most of the hotels are around Coxen Hole Roatan and West End, Roatan. There is hotel room for every budget on Roatan. With a little searching and planning you can find the perfect hotel on Roatan for your budget and preferences. All of the hotels on Roatan are very clean and have excellent service. The hotel staff is all fluent in English, as is most of the residents of island of Roatan.

Roatan HostelRoatan has several European style hostels for the backpacking travelers on a minimum budget. All of the hostels on Roatan are located in Coxen Hole, or West End. The hostels are clean and friendly, they are a great place to meet other backpackers traveling on Roatan. The hostels can get loud at night with late night partying. If a party on Roatan is what you are looking for, consider booking a room at one of Roatan's hostels. If you are looking for a quieter Roatan experience, consider one of the Roatan hotels, Roatan Resorts or a Roatan Condominium Rental.

Roatan HotelMost of the hotels on Roatan are located directly on the water, though there are a few hotels on Roatan that are located inland. Some hotels have beautiful swimming pools, and tropical gardens filled with local plants from Roatan. Call ahead and shop around for the Roatan hotel that will best suit your travel needs while on Roatan. You can find a listing of every hotel in Roatan in our Roatan Directory.

Roatan Hotel

Roatan Honduras HotelsRoatan has every type of hotel from 5 star resort hotels to one star economy hotels. If you are traveling in the off season to Roatan, you can even negotiate a better deal with the hotel manager than the standard posted rates. Like everything else in Honduras, prices are negotiable. Roatan has so many hotels that the perfect hotel for you in Roatan is waiting. You just have to search a little bit to find the perfect Roatan hotel for your needs.

Roatan Discount HotelsMany of the hotels on Roatan have an association with one of the local dive shops. If you are planning on a scuba diving while in Roatan, make sure to check if the hotel you are staying at at has a discount worked out for their hotel guests at one of the local dive shops.

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