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Roatan Iguana - Caribbean ChickenRoatan is full of various wildlife. There are so many interesting creatures on Roatan that you could spend a great deal of time just exploring them. Green Iguana were once very abundant in Roatan but the locals considered them a delicacy and today the iguana population is not what it used to be. Iguana is known as "Caribbean Chicken" throughout the area.

Roatan PeacockAt the west end of Roatan is a beach and dive resort named Fantasy Island that has a collection of peacocks. The peacocks have been on Roatan since the 1950s and are not native to Roatan. The peacocks are now well established on Roatan and have a thriving population. It has been suggested that the peacocks are an invasive species and should be eradicated, however after 60 years of being on Roatan the peacocks barely occupy less than 3 acres of Roatan. So it doesn't seem like the peacocks are that much of a threat as an invasive species.

Roatan RabbitRoatan also has a large population of a rabbit like mammal, some call Hiatas. The Hiatas look like a mix of a ground hog, a rabbit, and a guinea pig all mixed up together. They are a nuisance to farmers and shot on sight on most Roatan farms. The Hiatas on Roatan are very docile vegetarians that are native to Roatan and mainland Honduras.

Roatan MonkeyThere is also a troupe of white faced monkeys, also known as "capuchins" are living on the West End of Roatan. These monkeys are native to Central and South America and are normally found living side by side with people in Roatan. The white faced monkeys on Roatan are very friendly and will accept handouts from people passing by.

Roatan HummingbirdsAlso located on the west end of Roatan Island is the Roatan Butterfly Garden, housing hundreds of species of butterflies, some humming birds, and a couple of parrots and toucans. Not very far from the Butterfly Garden is the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences and is n for their dolphin shows, featuring dolphins doing various tricks. Guests can arrange to swim or snorkel with the dolphins as well. Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge protects many wildlife animals including the endangered manatee, alligators, turtles, monkeys, jaguars, and many species of fish and birds. The refuge provides the animals with a variety of vegetation in which they can flourish. Roatan zoo & island adventure is also home to some interesting wildlife. The zoo is helping in the rehabilitation of certain animals and is also doing research to help these animals live long and healthy lives. Some of the animals currently residing at the zoo are a: spider monkey, crocodile, anteater, jaguar, 2 macaws, and a 3-toed sloth just to name a few.

Roatan CrabThe Marine life surrounding Roatan has the largest biodiversity in the northern hemisphere. That is because the largest barrier reef in the Northern Hemisphere surrounds the island of Roatan, Honduras. Cameras are required equipment on Roatan since you never know what beautiful sight you will get to see next.


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