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Roatan Kayak ExcursionSea kayaking in Roatan is an amazing open water journey and if your looking to spend some time on the water you can go kayaking at Turquoise Bay Resort. kayaking can be an awesome way to relax and see some interesting sites. The kayaks at Turquoise Bay Resort are on the small side but very comfortable and easy to maneuver, they are very seaworthy and give passengers the opportunity to stay on the water for a couple of hours at a time. Kayaking Roatan is a great way to see beautiful wildlife and breathtaking scenery of Roatan.

Roatan Kayak ExcursionWhen you arrive at Roatan Kayak rentals you will be given a sit-on-top style kayak, a life vest and paddles. An experienced guide will explain basic usage of the paddles and how to get in and out of your kayak. Kayaking in Roatan is very easy, the waters are usually calm, protected by Roatan's barrier reef. Do not kayak past the barrier reef on Roatan since the waters are much rougher and subject to strong currents. Wearing life jackets on Roatan Kayaks is recommended but not mandatory.

Roatan Kayak RentalsYou can take a tour or venture out on your own. If you decide to take a tour it is a good idea to call ahead of time to make a reservation so you can be sure there are open spots for your intended time period. Experienced guides are patient and make you comfortable on the water. Your Roatan guide will take you out and show you basic kayaking techniques and some special spots around Roatan you will really enjoy. If you have a water proof camera make sure you bring it as Kayaking Roatan will present some beautiful photo opportunities.

roatan Kayak rentalThere are some dangers when going kayaking in Roatan and you should always plan ahead for your trip on the water. Sometimes the weather changes very quickly so you should bring extra clothing and water and know when to turn back if the water starts to get rough. There is safety in numbers and it is suggested that you kayak with at least one partner. Be sure to always wear your life vest, it is a very important safety measure. Allow your self enough time for your journey. Take into consideration the travel time back and forth and the journey itself. Bad things can happen if you’re in a hurry to get back to a departing cruise ship or have other commitments after your trip.

Roatan Kayak ExcursionsKayaking is for people of all abilities so if you’re a beginner or experienced kayaker you will enjoy kayaking in Roatan, however you should be in reasonably good shape and a moderate swimmer. Kayaking on Roatan is an excellent excursion to spend a day on Roatan. You can also pack a lunch and kayak to a private beach on Roatan for a secluded Roatan excursion.

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