Roatan Sunsets

The island of Roatan has some of the most spectacular sunsets you will ever see. The west End of Roatan offers unobstructed views of the tropical sun setting over the ocean. Cloudy sunsets on Roatan can often times be very dramatic with many changing colors. Sunsets on Roatan with a clear sky are very peaceful and end all to quickly. One of the prettiest sunsets is to go out on a boat and watch the sun set over Roatan.

West End, Roatan SunsetAny connoisseur of beautiful sunsets should spend at least a week on Roatan enjoying all of the different aspects of watching the sun set over Roatan. A camera with a polarizing lens, a tropical drink, and a good friend are all that you will want or need.

This collection of sunset photos over Roatan was taken over the last 25 years. Some of the pictures were taken with a 35mm camera and digitally scanned. The rest were all taken with a Nikon D-60 digital camera. It is hard to take a bad picture on Roatan with nature putting on a show like this.

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Sunset on Roatan Honduras Roatan Sunset Sunset on Roatan
Roatan Honduras Sunset Roatan Sunset Honduras Sunset
Roatan Sunset Roatan Sunset Roatan Sunset
Roatan Sunset Roatan Sunset Roatan Sunset
Roatan Honduras Sunset Roatan Honduras Sunset Sunset on Roatan island Honduras
Roatan Sunset Roatan Sunset Roatan Sunset
Roatan Sunset Roatan Sunset Roatan Sunset

Roatan Corpuscular RaysCorpuscular rays are the shadows cast by clouds on the horizon, in front of the setting sun. Roatan sunsets often have corpuscular rays that are quite beautiful and make for very dramatic sunsets with lots of colors.

The closer you are to the equator, the faster the sun sets over the horizon. Roatan is much farther south than most Caribbean destinations and is just one of the many reasons Roatan has such beautiful sunsets.


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