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Golf in RoatanGolf in Roatan is now available at a brand new golf course called The Black Pearl Golf Course. The new Roatan golf course along with hotel and marina is located on the north side of Roatan nesting along side the ocean on Pristine Bay, Roatan. Fourteen out of the 18 holes on the course offer some spectacular views of Roatan's pristine water. The greens at The Black Pearl Golf Course are beautifully maintained to ensure the most out of your Roatan golf adventure.

Roatan GolfIf you are planning to golf as a shore excursion from your cruise ship, make sure you make a reservation through The Black Pearl golf course as soon as possible. with limited tee times and large cruise ships it is possible to be left with a standby tee time in Roatan unless you have made a reservation early. There are times when The Black Pearl Golf Course on Roatan is completely booked 6 months in advance due to many golfers being on a cruise ship, book your Roatan golf early.

Roatan Golf ExcursionBe sure to bring the following with you when you travel and plan to play golf on Roatan: Your own golf clubs, make sure you check with your airline to find out the cost of bringing your clubs, sending them by UPS straight to your hotel might be a better alternative. Also bring golf shoes, your own golf balls & tees, buying them at the course can be expensive, gloves, comfortable clothing, keeping in mind weather changes like wind and rain, something to quench your thirst such as water or Gatorade and something small to stave off hunger such as small snacks. Don’t forget sunscreen for your Roatan golf excursion, you could be on the golf course for hours in the hot Roatan sun and you will need the protection.

Golf RoatanTo play golf at The Black Pearl Golf Course you need to call a day in advance and set up a tee time for you or your group. You should show up at least a half hour early and be ready to play at your tee time. If you miss your tee time you might miss your spot and have to wait around for another opening. It might be a good idea to call the golf course ahead of time and discuss the rules and regulations so you can have the best Roatan golfing experience on your trip.

Golf Course RoatanThere is now talk of two more golf courses planned to be built on the island of Roatan. Demand for golf courses is high with the cruise ships bringing thousands of guests to Roatan every week Both new courses on Roatan are expected to be open early next year. The new golf courses are supposed to be top secret, but on an island like Roatan there really are no secrets.

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