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The island of Roatan's economy is built around people traveling to Roatan to participate in some sort of water sport. Roatan Web has compiled a complete listing of every water sport available on Roatan. Water sports are Roatan's most popular cruise ship excursions for cruise ship guests visiting Roatan.

Roatan Beaches

Roatan Beach ExcursionThe island of Roatan has some of the best beaches in the world. Gorgeous white sand and turquoise blue waters combine to make Roatan beaches absolutely unforgettable. Gentle tropical breezes keep you from getting too hot on the Roatan beaches. Snorkeling off of any beach around Roatan will give you a peek at some of the beautiful coral and fish that are abundant around Roatan. Most beaches on Roatan have some sort of food and drink concessions nearby.

Roatan Dolphin Encounter

Roatan Dolphin EncounterRoatan has a dolphin encounter cruise ship excursion that lets you interact with Atlantic bottle nose dolphins. The dolphins are very friendly and offer some great photo opportunities on Roatan. The dolphin encounter cruise ship excursion on Roatan is family friendly so be sure to bring your children. The dolphin encounter on Roatan has almost a dozen dolphins for you to interact with and take pictures of. This is one of Roatan's most popular cruise ship excursions, so a reservation is recommended.

Fishing on Roatan

Roatan Deep Sea FishingThe island of Roatan has some of the best sport fishing the Caribbean has to offer. Many sport fishing records have been set by Roatan deep sea fishing anglers. Even if you have never fished before, your Roatan captain and crew will have you catching trophy fish in no time at all. Make sure you bring your camera to the Roatan fishing excursion. No fishing license is required to fish offshore of Roatan. Fishing is prohibited in the Roatan marine sanctuary.

Roatan Glass Bottom Boat

Roatan Cruise Ship ExcursionA glass bottom boat ride on Roatan is a great family cruise ship excursion. The glass bottom boat ride is a great way to introduce small children to the beautiful undersea world of Roatan. It is also a nice way for elderly or handicapped people to see some of the beautiful underwater world of Roatan. Make sure you bring your cameras since you will get many nice photo opportunities on the Roatan glass bottom boat ride.

Roatan Jet Ski Rentals

Roatan Jet Ski RentalThe island of Roatan has several Jet Ski rental facilities. Jet skiing around Roatan is an excellent way to have some excitement and take in all of the beautiful sights Roatan has to offer. You can rent a jet ski on Roatan by the half hour, by the half day, or by the full day. If you are looking for a fun cruise ship excursion on Roatan, renting jet skis for your whole family is a very fun and exciting way to spend your day on Roatan.

Kite Surfing on Roatan

Roatan Kite SurfingRoatan has become a leader in the new and exciting sport of kite surfing. With Roatan's constant trade breeze, and calm waters Roatan is the perfect place to learn how to Kite Surf. Roatan has several cruise ship excursions where you can take lessons and learn to kite surf on Roatan in one afternoon. If you are already an experienced kite surfer you can rent equipment on Roatan as well.

Roatan Parasailing

Roatan Parasailing ExcursionThere are several Roatan cruise ship excursions that will take you parasailing around Roatan. Parasailing is a nice way to cool off on a hot Roatan afternoon. You can take your family parasailing since this is a family friendly cruise ship excursion on Roatan. You can flag down any of the parasail boats from the West Bay, Roatan beach. You can go for a 15 minute ride or a half hour ride around Roatan.

Roatan Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving on RoatanRoatan was developed by the scuba diving community. The economy of Roatan has centered around scuba divers since the late 60s. The reason for this is the beautiful barrier reef that surrounds the island of Roatan. If you have ever been curious about scuba diving Roatan is a once in a lifetime scuba opportunity. If you are an experienced scuba diver you have already heard of the magnificent barrier reefs of Roatan.

Roatan Ocean Kayaking

Roatan Kayak RentalsMany people enjoy ocean kayaking around Roatan. There are several ocean kayak rental shops on the beaches of Roatan. You can kayak right out to the reefs and watch the scuba divers on Roatan below you. Make sure to leave your cell phone on the shore of Roatan since kayaking is a great way to get salt water in your cell phone on Roatan. You can rent kayaks on any Roatan beach by the hour.

Snorkeling on Roatan

Roatan Snorkeling ExcursionIf you can't scuba dive on Roatan's beautiful coral reefs, snorkeling is the next best thing. You can rent snorkeling gear from any of the scuba diving shops on Roatan. Most scuba shops will even take you by boat out to the barrier reef that surrounds the island of Roatan. Be warned, snorkeling Roatan will only make you wish you had went scuba diving on Roatan.

Submarine Rides on Roatan

Roatan Submarine ExcursionThe island of Roatan offers a submarine cruise ship excursion. A Roatan submarine cruise ship excursion is a fun and exciting way to spend your day on Roatan. A Roatan submarine ride is also a great way to introduce small children to the beautiful underwater world of Roatan. Make sure you bring your camera as there will be many photo opportunities while you explore the island of Roatan.

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