Roatan Institute of Marine Sciences

The Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences The Roatan Institute for Marine Science is located at Anthony’s Key Resort on the northwest coast of Roatan, Honduras. Founded in 1989, the Roatan Institute for Marine Science is a teaching institution, whose primary objective is the preservation of Roatan's natural resources through education and research. High school, college and university students from abroad can visit the facility to study marine ecosystems and the bottlenose dolphins that live there. Students can obtain academic credit for many of the courses and programs taken at the Roatan institute.

Roatan Institute of Marine ScienceThe Sandy Bay Marine Reserve is a protected area that surrounds The Roatan Institute for Marine Science. Snorkelers and scuba divers are not permitted to wear gloves when snorkeling in this area. This is to discourage touching or collecting anything from the reef. Fishing is prohibited throughout the Roatan marine park. Feeding of any wildlife is also prohibited in the Roatan marine park. This encourages natural encounters with many types of Roatan marine life. Bring your underwater camera as there are numerous photo opportunities here.

Roatan Dolphin EncounterThe Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences has initiated a long-term reef-monitoring program within the Roatan Marine Reserve. Coral, fish and marine life populations, and conditions throughout the Roatan reef are monitored over time as well as the overall Roatan reef health. Students are encouraged to participate in the Roatan reef monitoring program. The Roatan Institute for Marine Science (RIMS) is dedicated to the preservation of the Roatan coral reefs and marine ecosystem.

Roatan DophinsThe Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences also offers snorkelers and divers the opportunity to interact with dolphins in their own environment. There is no feeding of the dolphins to encourage interaction, the dolphins are free to come and go as they please. Divers are able to observe the dolphins in there natural surroundings and snorkelers have the opportunity to have physical contact.

Roatan Dolphin Encounter

Anthony's Key Resort
Anthony's Key Roatan
Sandy Bay, Roatan Honduras

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