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Roatan PaintballRoatan has the exciting sport of paintball for those of you looking for some fast paced adventure on Roatan. The outdoor playing fields on Roatan have natural and artificial terrain that can give you many different challenges and the chance to out maneuver your opponent. Paintball on Roatan offers the basic game of paintball, capture the Roatan flag. The objective, capture the other teams Roatan flag and bring it to your home base without being hit by the other team's paintballs.

Paintball RoatanThe Roatan paintball course will provide you with all of the equipment you need to play paintball. You will be supplied with a paintball gun, paintballs, eye protection goggles and body armor. Paintballs are filled with colorful gelatin that splits open when you hit your opponent, leaving a splat that takes that person out of the game. The more people you hit and take out, the easier it is to retrieve the other teams Roatan flag.

To ensure the most out of you paintball experience you must be able to shoot your paintball gun, also known as a paintball marker, accurately while running, standing, kneeling or laying down.

Roatan Paintball CourseMost games on Roatan last around 20 minutes, and even if you were hit and eliminated in a previous game you can simply wipe off the splat of paint and join in the next game. The paintball colors are water soluble and does not stain clothing. Wearing a jumpsuit provides light body protection armor and protects your street clothes. Paintball on Roatan can be a hot activity since you are wearing a full jumpsuit in the tropical island of Roatan. It is best to go paintballing on a colder day.

Roatan Paintball Cruise Ship ExcursionEvery person must wear safety equipment to ensure no physical injuries. The most important safety piece is the eye goggles/mask and those will be provided for you. Never take your goggles/mask off during play to avoid a dangerous situation. Wear dark clothes and comfortable shoes, preferable running shoes or boots. You may not bring your own paintball gun to Roatan onto the cruise ship. Paintball guns are banned on all cruise ships.

Roatan Paintball Cruise Ship ExcursionAll players are required to participate in a safety and rules orientation before the beginning of play. Players are expected to follow these rules at all times. Players are required to be at least 10 years of age to play, if under the age of 18 you are required to have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. Don't ever aim your paintball gun at someone's head. Even with eye protection serious injury can result. You will be immediately removed from the paintball course on Roatan if you shoot another player in the head with your paintball gun.

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