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Snorkeling on RoatanThe reefs surrounding Roatan are perfect for snorkeling. The coral comes very close to the surface so you’ll be able to see plenty of fish and coral. On Roatan’s reef you will find the biggest variety of coral in the Caribbean. You don't need much experience or training to put on a pair of fins, a snorkel and a mask to get out on Roatan's beautiful reefs and enjoy some of the spectacular sights on Roatan's reefs. With a little practice, you can become an expert snorkeler in about an hour of practice.

Roatan Snorkeling ExcursionYou will find some of the best snorkeling at Paya Bay Resort – At Paya Bay, snorkeling is available right from the shore at Secret Cove. This area has hard and soft corals and a wide variety of fish and beautiful sites. Paya Bay also offers two daily snorkeling boat trips to various snorkeling sites around Roatan.

While some snorkeling equipment is available for guests to use, Honduran Public Health officials recommend that visitors purchase and bring their own equipment with them. This is to ensure good health for everyone.

Snorkeling RoatanAlways remember to help us protect Roatan’s most valuable recourse the coral reef. When snorkeling please do not touch or step on the coral, because this will destroy it. Coral around Roatan takes a very long time to grow and we need to protect it so we all have the opportunity to enjoy the coral reefs of Roatan for years to come.

Protecting the Reefs of Roatan

Please help support coral reef conservation on Roatan by being a coral conscience diver or snorkeler. When choosing your diving or snorkeling destination on Roatan please look for parks or marine conservation areas.

Snorkel RoatanYou can do your part to protect Roatan’s coral reefs by taking the time to learn about the coral reefs and keeping your diving skills well tuned. Learning to have good body control and fin control is extremely important, even the slightest touch of the coral can harm it or possibly harm you.

Please keep contact with the marine life to a minimum. Do not touch, chase, or attempt to ride any marine life. Feeding the marine life is discouraged and do not take anything dead or alive out of the water.

Often it is illegal to make souvenirs from coral, turtle or any other type of marine life. Do your part in preserving Roatan’s coral reef by avoiding these purchases.

Roatan Snorkel Shore ExcursionUnderwater cleanups are another way Roatan is protecting the coral reefs. By removing items such as: plastics, tin cans, fishing lines, cloth items, batteries and cigarette butts from under the water the coral reef can remain a beautiful and healthy place to dive and snorkel.

Please help preserve Roatan’s coral reef by going slow, relaxing and watching the reef creatures go about their daily lives undisturbed.

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