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Island of Roatan Honduras InformationThe island of Roatan is located in the Bay of Honduras. Roatan is a not only one of the most beautiful islands in the entire Caribbean, but the island's people are among the friendliest. Roatan has the largest barrier reef system n the Northern Hemisphere, and has been attracting scuba divers for the last 30 years. With the addition of the new cruise ship dock, thousands of people will get to experience Roatan's unique beauty, and old school Caribbean charm.

Roatan InformationRoatan was even the home port to many pirates, including the Pirate Captain, Henry Morgan. Spanish records show Captain Morgan to have looted hundreds of Spanish treasure ships in the 1660's. So Roatan even has it's share of modern day pirate treasure hunters looking for Captain Morgan's lost gold. There are dozens of individuals that have found buried pirate treasure chests on Roatan and some of the smaller surrounding islands near Roatan.

Roatan Honduras Cruise Ship PortThe island of Roatan Honduras has built a cruise ship terminal in 2007. The cruise ship terminal is very nice and brings thousands of tourists to Roatan every week. The cruise ship terminal is complete and has dozens of shops and restaurants. If you are traveling to Roatan by cruise ship, your time on Roatan will be limited. It is important to have a plan or idea as to what activities you would like to enjoy while on Roatan before you arrive.

Roatan Real EstateRoatan Honduras has also been experiencing a boom in the real estate market in the last few years. Falling real estate prices have created a buyers market. No where else in the Caribbean can you find beautiful oceanfront real estate for today's market prices on Roatan. There are traditional houses for sale as well as many brand new condos for sale on Roatan, Guanaja and Utila.


Honduras MapHonduras is located in Central America, bordered by Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. Honduras is an Ally of the United States and there are several US military bases located in Honduras. The government in Honduras is a stable democracy. Though there was a military coup in 2009 it was quickly put down and democracy was restored. The capitol city of Honduras is Tegucigalpa. The currency of Honduras is the Lempira. The current exchange rate is around 19 Lempiras to 1 US Dollar. Travel and tourism from scuba divers constitutes a large part of the Honduran economy. Agriculture and crop exports make up the rest of the Honduran economy.

The Bay Islands

The Bay Islands - Roatan HondurasRoatan is one of the three Bay Islands located off the North Coast of Honduras. The other two islands, Guanaja and Utila are much less populated and developed than Roatan. All three of the Bay Islands in Honduras are world renowned for their scuba diving and snorkeling. The local people also are among the friendliest people anywhere in the Caribbean. Roatan is much more developed and offers many amenities that you cannot find on the other Bay Islands.

Roatan Honduras

Roatan HondurasThe island of Roatan is located in the Bay of Honduras, part of the Caribbean Sea. Roatan is not your typical flat Caribbean Island, Roatan has hills and cliffs reaching 900 feet above the Caribbean. Roatan is approximately 30 miles long and almost 2.5 miles wide. The hills and cliffs of Roatan provide spectacular views and natural beauty that is unsurpassed by any other Caribbean island. The pristine reefs below the ocean are unparalleled anywhere else in the Caribbean.

Roatan Scuba InfoSnorkeling or scuba diving on Roatan is a once in a lifetime experience and should be experienced by anyone lucky enough to pass through Roatan. There are many dive shops on Roatan that will cater to both the novice and experienced scuba diver. If you have ever been curious about snorkeling or scuba diving Roatan offers the best scuba diving in the Caribbean. All of the scuba diving shops on Roatan are certified and have a long history of providing safe scuba diving on Roatan.

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